Increases Accesibility for Mobile Phones
Integration with any Environmental Control System
Mobile Phone Control via InfraRed signals

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New mobile phone solution

for a large number of people with disabillities.

What is the PhoneGate?

PhoneGate is a small IR device you plug into your mobile phone and you can call anyone.

PhoneGate works with a FREE mobile app that is available on Google Play.

Connect the IR device with your mobile phone. It automatically launches an app which helps you call.

How does PhoneGate work?

Download the FREE PhoneGate app from Google Play Store

Plug the PhoneGate device into your mobile phone - and turn on another device with InfraRed transmitter

Memorize the numbers on speed dial, take a call and enjoy the conversation

I want the PhoneGate! What should I do?

Send us an email at and we will personally contact you.